It would be fair to say that we love dogs. And we love healthy dogs to live long floofy lives. We searched high and low for a raw meat diet that was balanced with a nutritional profile to suit active, happy dogs, but we couldn’t find a thing. Having made home-made meals for years for our dogs, there wasn’t a thing on the market that came close to what we made each week.

So Byron Bay Pet Food Co was born to share our not so secret recipe of raw meat and a sprinkling of hemp seeds (why wouldn’t you!?) with the Northern Rivers Community. 

Our natural dog food is handmade in the Northern Rivers with the finest seasonal fruits and vegetables and local and ethically sourced meat and poultry.

We think your dogs deserve farm fresh goodness direct to their bowls. It’s a little serving of love, from our family to yours.

Byron Bay Pet Food Co is home delivered throughout the Northern Rivers in recyclable packaging and available in select (clever!) grocery and pet food stores and supermarkets. For every returned pail you receive a cheeky discount. Do good by the earth and get a happy little bonus.

We have partnered with an animal nutritionist who specialises in raw food diets to ensure our recipe meets all of your dog’s nutritional needs. The recipe is whole and complete so you don’t need to supplement your dog’s diet with any other products.