Our holistically formulated, all natural dog food is handmade each week using fresh local ingredients - resulting in a product that is vastly nutritionally superior to the standard processed dog foods you will find in your local supermarket.

The main ingredient in our dog food is raw meat, as you would expect!
Our human grade minced meat and bone provides essential protein and minerals. Maintaining a careful ratio of muscle meat, bone and offal in our raw dog food ensures your pooch gets their nutrients in the ratios they require.

All seasonal vegetables and fruits are raw, meaning important vitamins and enzymes are preserved. We then add whole free range local eggs, including shells and whole oily fish such as pilchards provide the essential fatty acids ​to maintain skin and coat health, ​and reduce inflammation.

The food is then immediately frozen in fully recyclable, resealable tubs and delivered to your door. Freezing our product removes the need for preservatives. Simply defrost a new tub overnight for tomorrow's meal. Use within 3 days once defrosted.

 Our products are and will always be, free of preservatives, additives, colours and fillers such as grains & soy, which are difficult for dogs to break down and often result in digestive and skin problems.

We encourage customers to return clean tubs to be reused to assist us in being an environmentally responsible business.