Roo & Veggies - with hemp seeds
Roo & Veggies - with hemp seeds
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Roo & Veggies - with hemp seeds

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Our Roo dinner contains preservative free human grade raw minced kangaroo; seasonal veggies and fruits; carrot, beetroot, silverbeet, apple, papaya, zucchini, fennel, kale; minced chicken frames, beef livers, beef hearts, whole free range eggs, pilchards, hemp seeds

As kangaroo is wild harvested, it is the closest option to organic meat.

Due to its leanness, it's also great for dogs whom are watching their waistline or are on low fat diets.

Guaranteed 80 percent meat & fish

DOES NOT CONTAIN: grains, soy, dairy, yeast, preservatives, additives, gelling agents, colours.